Testimonials ...

I took my dog to puppy obedience and advanced classes with Lisa. We learned specific cues during the classes but I also gained the skills I needed to continue her training after the classes finished. My dog really enjoyed the classes and socialising with other dogs in a safe environment. I would recommend Lisa and her classes to any dog owner.
Sarah and IO

 I was at my wits end with my 4 dogs as two of them where very aggressive with each other.
I got to the point where I needed help urgently. 
It was then that Lisa came into our lives, and advised us to remove toys and bones,which we did.
We took everything on board and 
now we have a happy home with settled dogs.
Lisa's help and advice has been very constructive in keeping boys happy.We still follow  the guidelines Lisa gave us.
We could not have done this without her valuable advice which we still use daily.

SueG and Dutch,
I was having some problems with my dog pulling on walks and not coming back to me when I let him off lead so I consulted Lisa and she was very proactive in her training plan . Lisa was very understanding and explained everything to me and then after the consultation , she sent me trhe training plan via an email so I can refer back to it on a weekly basis. Lisa has regularly stayed in touch thoughout the process, offering me advice and tips when I have needed 
I am very please with Lisa's training service and would recommend her to other dog owners 

Louise and Teddy